August life in Pyhä, Eastern Lapland

We have lived here few years now. Far from cities and rush hours. Except the rush of reindeers. They stop my way to work, as well as the sun bathing naps.


The surroundings within 5 km offer pretty nice vast quietness. Imagine the view, how different it is if it is sunny, rainy, snowy or foggy. Arctic hills are like mountains but smaller and softer.


Cultural events include theatre, concerts and arts many times a year – e.g. always outsold festival ”Pyhä Unplugged”. The artists perform in one of the rocky ”canyons”.


You get involved helping neighbours. People have built up together a horse stable, a riding field  and cut down the hay to help almost extinct plants to survive.


Sometimes we stay over night in the nature. Like at a swamp. There you are, alone with the birds and insects. You wish to see a wolf, a wolverine, a lynx or a bear from a distance – but because of the poaching and legal hunting, the existing ones are very shy. So basically it is impossible to meet them. You can peacefully wake up and enjoy your lonely morning yoga.

IMGP1280 IMGP1287

IMGP1281 IMGP0992

You can even go to the beach, or horseback riding, or canoeing to the lakes and rivers – with the reindeers ofc!

uimassaIMGP1374IMGP1349porot uielo13 021pupu

And last but not least. The best thing is that everywhere are mushrooms and berries! Free, healthy and delicious to pick and conserve for the long and moody winter.

Mitä söpöliinejä suolta löytyykäänIMGP1017IMGP0975hillot

But hey! If you like it – you can also move here! There are quite few people, so we need more kids. However, ironically also a job for a nanny is available. There is nobody who would take care of tourists’ children… Related to that, did you know – the school, its’ lunches and transportation in Finland are free. And they are not just schools. The schools in Finland are actually ranked among the best ones in the world!




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